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Three Steps to register and pay with WeChat Pay:

1.  Register as a member on the website:

2.  Choose your membership time and best deal. (Click "continue" to open the QR) 

3. After payment, please take a screenshot of the payment (transfer) and send it to our email:

Wechat Sample.png

Important: Remember to send the email from the same user email you signed up to the website.
So that we can match your account. Then await your membership approved

NOTE: We are based in Asia, GMT +8 hours. Payments received after 11pm (23:00h) will be processed the next morning.
We will send you an email confirmation when your account has been opened.

*We aim to approve accounts in a few minutes normally, but at times it can be longer. If after 12 hours you did not receive our email you can contact us here.

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